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Jan Lawry, Director of J Lawry Healthcare Management Ltd,

has over fifteen years experience in healthcare, health

 & wellbeing and healthy lifestyle promotion.

Latest Blog
  •   My blogs, as you will know, are all about healthcare and my work as an interim programme manager.  So here is the most “off on a tangent” piece that you can possibly get.  As a freelancer, my business portfolio is diverse to say the......

  • My best friend, as you will know, was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2016 and, after having surgery went on to commence a regime of chemotherapy.  Early on in the process, Heather was told some anecdotal evidence that dark nail polish could protect nails......

  •   My blog is usually reserved for my professional life – my work in healthcare management as an interim.  Today, however, is different.  I want to share with you all how I spent last Saturday, and what I witnessed. By 4.00pm on Saturday 25th March......