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Crowning Career with Jan Lawry.

As a Sports Physiotherapist, I treated athletes as well as those who needed remedial treatment for long-standing conditions.  I loved my work.  But I found my role limiting – I wanted to make a real  difference in healthcare, I wanted to change strategies, write information that would truly help patients and their families speak out for those who had no voice – so I decided to make a transition in my career path.  I gained programme and project management skills, I developed my knowledge set and I expanded my horizons.  I invested in myself, made connections and worked with a business coach to give me the leading edge.  I worked really hard.


The investment in myself paid off.  I moved into healthcare management and I began to see what a positive difference I could make to patients and their families, to healthcare commissioners and providers and to healthcare charities.  Now I work with business influencers in the UK and Channel Islands healthcare sector; I write reports and carry out service reviews that are listened to and acted upon!  I make changes that have a positive impact on the lives of patients and their families and I make service improvements that are cost effective and efficient for healthcare professionals.   I have the fulfilling career that I love and now I want to share with you what I’ve learnt along the way.


Now, it’s your turn.

Are you asking yourself:

Why has my career hit a plateau?

How can I make a life changing career transition?

How can I create an action plan?

How can I make a lasting impression?

Why aren’t I making the right connections?

How can I be the “go to” person in my industry?

How can I upskill effectively?

Then let’s travel together and expand your horizons; let’s work on revealing your talents and skills to give you the confidence and tools for a Crowning Career.

Why work with me?

I have walked your path and been where you are now so, trust me, I get it!

I have built robust networks and connections and can show you how to do the same.

I have invested in my own training and coaching to ensure you have up to date information and skill sets.

I have the insider knowledge that will give you the edge.

I will make you focus and hold you accountable!

Take the first step to investing in your Crowing Career.  Book your free Discovery Call here and let’s work to create the limitless career you’ll love.  It works because it’s personal.

The Crowning Career Package:

A 90 day plan to start you on the path to a life changing career – a career you will love.

  • An in-depth Welcome Pack for you to complete.  This is your space to take stock, visualise your goals and dreams and where we will take the first steps to make them a reality.
  • One 90 minute Intensive.  Based on your completed Welcome Pack, this is where we will start to plan and tailor your coaching sessions.  Let’s work through where you are now through to where you want to be to create your best self.
  • 11 weekly phone mindset calls; a structured plan to give you to tools you need for that career boost.
  • Email access to me between sessions.
  • Additional resources tailored to your needs
  • A personalised strategic plan to give you the focus you need to boost your career.

Cost: £2,500 + VAT


Yes, it’s an investment in yourself. Not sure if you’re ready for that commitment? Need more information to see if a Crowning Career really is for you? Then book your free Discovery Call here and let’s talk.

J Lawry Healthcare Business Coaching, helping you reach your best self.  It works because it’s personal.