J Lawry | In the Interim (part five) aka That Eureka Moment
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In the Interim (part five) aka That Eureka Moment

In the Interim (part five) aka That Eureka Moment

I was planning to write my next blog on the key “must knows” when being interviewed as an interim, **however, today I experienced a eureka moment at work, so, as an aside to my planned blog, allow me to bask in the glory of being part of a team who achieved against the odds.

I’m currently working as an Interim Programme Manager for an NHS Trust in the midst of Special Measures and Financial Special Measures.  As someone who is delivery driven, there has been an almost daily challenge to ensure that the various strands of the Trust’s Recovery Plan, and the CQC Action Plan, are translated in a way that engages our Directorates as well as ensuring that we build trust and confidence in the PMO and our capabilities.

So, I’m indebted to my colleague, Helen Codd, who has drawn up this list of achievements by our PMO in 2016:

  • Mechanisms in place to keep the team up to date and informed
  • Resources allocated to programmes
  • Engaging Directorate Managers, Clinical Directors and Directorate Lead Nurses with monthly updates with positive feedback from the senior team
  • Tightening PMO processes
  • Identified saving schemes for next year and have 100 opportunities already
  • Written the Workforce & Leadership Programme Brief from a standing start
  • Improved Information Governance compliance
  • Writing and implementing the Winter Plan
  • Writing a job planning policy.
  • Writing the STP Submission
  • Joint project with NHS England to review the Major Trauma Centre, cross referencing with our Recovery Plan and CQC Action Plan
  • Researched the NHSI free diagnostic tool for Culture and Equality & Diversity and sourced funding
  • A provider to provider agreement
  • Being told: “you’re doing a good job and keep up the great work” by NHSI representatives
  • For the interim members of the team, leaving a legacy for those who will fill the PMO roles substantively

All too often we are working at 100 miles an hour and forget that it pays to stop and take stock of what we’ve achieved as a team.

Why not try this with your PMO?

**Don’t worry, that blog will be published soon!