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Pitch Perfect

Pitch Perfect

Monday morning, you’re standing by the elevators – maybe cappuccino in hand – mulling over the start of another week.  There’s something else on your mind too, that idea that has been burning away in your brain for months now.  The business idea that is going to transform the way you work and the life you want to live.  If only you could pitch that idea to the CEO.

Wait.  Who is that standing beside you?  A surreptitious glance sideways.  Yep.  It’s the CEO.  The gods are smiling, the planets are aligning.  This is your chance.  The elevator arrives, you both walk in.  You press the button for the CEO’s floor and your own.  The perfect captive audience.

You have 60 seconds to pitch your business idea.


But what’s happening now?  Blushing?  Stammering and stuttering?

Want to know how to make the perfect 60 second pitch?

My business and career coaching sessions are tailor made to give you the edge – from building a business from scratch to making that 60 second pitch when it really matters.

Do you ever stop and think:

  • Why does my business exist?
  • What do I want to accomplish in my business, or my career?
  • What behaviours do I value in my business and in my professional life?
  • How will I achieve my goals?
  • What promise does my brand deliver?

From successful company directors, to NHS managers, and business consultants, I have led my clients to business and career success, helping them achieve their goals, reach their aspirations and turn their career dreams into reality.  I make sure that they understand the foundations of building their business, how to make sure they have full control at any given time in their company’s timeline and how to both protect and promote their work going forward.  My career clients are given the tools to elevate their professional lives and attain the promotions and goals they aspire to.

Would you like to experience the same success?  Because now  it’s your turn.


  • Why has my business or career hit a plateau?
  • How can I make a life changing career transition?
  • How can I create an action plan?
  • How can I make a lasting impression?
  • Why aren’t I making the right connections?
  • How can I be the “go to” person in my industry?
  • How can I upskill effectively?

Then let’s travel together and expand your horizons; let’s work on revealing your talents and skills to give you the confidence and tools for business success.


I have walked your path and been where you are now so, trust me, I get it!

I have built robust networks and connections and can show you how to do the same.

I have invested in my own training and coaching to ensure you have up to date information and skill sets.

I have the insider knowledge that will give you the edge.

I will make you focus and hold you accountable!

Take the first step to investing in your business and your career.  Book your free Discovery Call here https://calendly.com/jlawrycoaching/discoverycall

and let’s work to create a future with no limits.  Remember, someone investing in your business not only invests in your idea, they also invest in YOU.  So, join me today for some stellar business and career coaching.  When you walk into that elevator, you’ll be pitch perfect.